Wendy Stone, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist, Professor of Psychology at the UW, and Director of the READi Lab at the UW. Dr. Stone’s primary clinical and research interests are in early identification and early intervention for children with autism spectrum disorders. Her research focuses on identifying the early-emerging behavioral features of autism, with the goals of understanding the developmental processes that contribute to the tremendous variability in social, learning, and behavioral outcomes for these children, and implementing interventions to optimize their outcomes.

Principal Investigator


Lisa Ibañez, PhD, is a Research Scientist and Assistant Director of the READi Lab. Over the last several years, she has developed a line of research that revolves around identifying deficits in infants at risk for ASD and improving screening and intervention practices in the community.



Sabine Scott, BA, is a Research Study Assistant for the University of Washington READi Lab. As the RISE Provider Liaison, she supports providers at all stages of their RISE study participation. With a background in behavior intervention research and Applied Behavior Analysis, she also administers behavioral assessments. 

Research Assistant

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Taylor Kalmus, BS, is a Research Study Assistant with the University of Washington READiLab. As the RISE Caregiver Liaison, she coordinates assessment visits and supports families at all stages of their RISE study participation. Her budding interests in early identification and intervention for young children with or at risk for autism and other social communication delays motivated her to join the READi lab team. Previously, she coordinated the Iowan site of a nationwide study of autism genetics.

Research Assistant


Carol Schubert, MPH, is a Research Coordinator with the University of Washington READiLab. Her role on the UW RISE team is to support all aspects of the study recruitment and implementation process. Carol joined the RISE research team on a part-time basis in 2020 after a long career as a Research Coordinator at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

Research Coordinator


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