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What is social communication?

The term "social communication" describes the ways that we interact with others. Social communication refers to how we initiate interactions with others and how we respond to others. Social communication can be expressed verbally or nonverbally. Social communication behaviors can be used to ask for desired objects, to initiate play, to share interests, and to share feelings. 

Why is social communication important?

Social communication is a reciprocal, back-and-forth process that is crucial for establishing and maintaining relationships with other people. It is how we show others what we are interested in and how we are feeling, and also how we respond to others who are showing us what they want or need. In addition, social communication is often a first step in learning to use verbal language.

What are social communication delays?

Some children do not learn social communication skills as quickly as others, and they miss out on the back-and-forth nature of social interactions and relationships. Children with social communication delays are at risk for autism spectrum disorder. In this study, we are interested in identifying children with delays in social communication so that we can improve their social interactions and enhance their language learning.

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