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Implementation Science Team

The Implementation Science Team works to understand how to best implement Reciprocal Imitation Teaching (RIT) in community practice. The team is working to develop new methods for defining core intervention components, and how to use that understand to assess intervention adaptation. Finally, the team will explore how adaptation impacts clinical outcomes.

Team Members

Gazi Azad, PhD, Columbia University

Alice Bravo, MEd, BCBA, LBA, University of Washington

Sarabeth Broder-Fingert*, MD, MPH, UMass Memorial Medical Center 

Amy Drahota, PhD, Michigan State University

Sarah Edmunds, PhD, University of South Carolina

Kyle Frost, MA, Michigan State University

Valerie Grim, MPH, Boston University

Anna Hirshman, BA, Rush University Medical Center

Jocelyn Kuhn, PhD, Boston University

Katherine Pickard, PhD, Emory University

Anamiguel Pomales Ramos, BS, Michigan State University

Chris Sheldrick, PhD, Boston University

Diondra Straiton, MA, Michigan State University

Michelle Stransky, PhD, Boston Medical Center

*Team Principal Investigator

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